The Ultimate Life Hack!

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An American man getting ready to retire, is looking to spend his “golden years” in a hotel chain.

This Texas resident says he did a cost comparison to living in a seniors home compared to living in a hotel chain.
Terry Robinson, (64) says that the hotel chain Holiday inn won by a land slide.

In a Facebook post, he goes on to reveal just how he arrived at his decision.
Long story short; he looks forward to being treated as a customer and not just a patient.

He concludes that living in a hotel with a seniors discount at a rate of
$60 dollars a day, is way better than living in a seniors home at a cost of $188 per day.
He adds, that he can just hop a plane just down the road if he wanted to travel to another holiday inn in another part of the country, and that bus rides are free as well as toiletries and maintenance of his room.

Another huge contributing factor was the fact that, it can take months to be accepted in a seniors home, and that finding a hotel chain with the seniors discount is way easier to get into.

One of the funniest things I took away from this story was the fact that he intends to take full effect of the benefits, should he fall and break his hip on location.  In case of such an event, he expects he will be upgraded to a suite for the rest of his life, and will spend his “golden age” with a “grin”.

Here’s Terry’s Facebook post and you’ll see for yourself why it is the ultimate life hack!

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