THE WALL IS COMING! …but not that wall.

 In NCI News


Got An Extra 18 Feet Of Wall Space? Samsung is releasing a brand new TV called “The Wall” that measures in at an incredible 219 INCHES! That’s 18.25 feet. The TV is closing in on 8K resolution, I think you’d probably be able to see each individual hair on someone’s head… Can you imagine watching Dr. Pimple Popper on that TV? Yuck. Ever gross.





Samsung has also made available some more reasonable sizes for the TV including the modest 146 inch model (12.16 ft) and a mere pocket sized 75 inch (6.25 ft)




I would probably go cross-eyed or blind trying to watch a big ol’ screen like that in my place. I don’t even have 18 feet of space anywhere. Oh well… There’s no prices attached to these monstrosities but based on what says, Samsung sold an 85 inch 8K TV last year for 15 G’s. Lord love a duck.

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