The world asks “why”

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It I think we can all agree the word “google” has completely replaced the word “search”.

So this ones all about the “why”
Compiled here are some of the worlds most puzzling “why” questions from around the world.

  • Why is there leap day?

    (tbh this is a legit question to be asking)



  • Why is the sky blue?

    (for the record, I refuse to know why(Don’t ask me why))



  • why you always lying?

    (This either means that people wanted to hear that ridiculous short tune, or that they really were asking why google is always lying to them.)(side thought= Is google capable of intentionally lying to a user)




  • Why is my Poop green?

    ( fourth on the list of most asked why questions, I could not fathom why anybody would be interested in such a thing)




  • Why should we hire you?

    (It kind of sounds like someones making up a resume. In any case, their googling needs to be better. What they should be googling is “what are employers looking for” instead.)




  • Why cats are afraid of cucumbers?

    ( This is just someone being bored…I’m assuming they had a cat)




  • Why do dogs eat grass?

    (This one I can understand for research purposes.)(Maybe they should just create a grass flavored dog food.) (Or if their trying to clean their teeth they should make grass flavored chew toys.) Wait…. did I just come up with a thousand dollar idea? Maybe.

    What’s the most googled word of all time?
    It is…..






    “FaceBook” at 2 billion ,147 million ,483 Thousand ,647 times.






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