The World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things

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Say that five times fast!

No, don’t do that.

Turns out, other countries have large items too!
America is the most prominent, or at least the most in the spotlight.

Risen from frustrations: too many times a site would be visited, and there would be no souvenir to take home.

Erika Nelson decided she would change that.

Sadly only for herself, as they were made only for her own collection.

One by one, she would take pictures of each location, and then create miniaturized versions.

As her collection grew, it grew in popularity.
In roadside attraction fashion, she took her collection on the road taking them all across America in pursuit of new Largest things she could miniaturize.

No longer on the road, it has a permanent resting spot, which is located in Lucas, Texas.
Now only open by chance or appointment.


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