The Worlds Smelliest Fruit

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The world’s smelliest fruit other wise known as the king of fruit (A.K.A The Durian) just went up for sale!
For one months salary the coconut sized spiky shelled fruit can  be yours.
Available only in Indonesia right now, the locals there are paying the equivalent of $1100 dollars.
Currency over there runs in Rupiah to which the locals make an estimate of 3.94 a month which is more than three times less than the 14 Rupiah price tag of the Durian.

One of the reasons why it’s so expensive is because of its rarity as one Durian tree only produces around 20 of the Spiky Fruit, every 3 years.

Described as a buttery peanut taste, the smell can be compared to rotting flesh, and raw sewage.
The smell is so bad in fact it has prompted areas all over the country to put up signage such as the one below.

yes, it is that smelly that they had to make signs for it.

This whole expensive fruit thing makes me curious of what else kind of fruit could be so expensive…
I’m just straight up baffled at what I found.
One single Pineapple produced at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, can fetch a price tag of $15,000 dollars!

This is that garden.



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