Things people paid way too much for!

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When you buy something, its usually because you need it or want it. That’s not the case with these things… nobody needed them, but people wanted them anyway.


  1.  A FEATHER – $10,000- but to be fair its from an extinct bird. A Huia bird to be exact, and its feathers were used to adorn chiefs outfits and head peices.


2.  A PARKING SPOT – $1,000,000- Not one, but more than one parking spot popped up in New York and they sold for A MILLION DOLLARS! All it is, is basically a spot in which is permanently available to you.




3.Dead Shark Art Peice – $12,000,000 – I just don’t understand this one.
This thing is often just referred to as the “dead shark” but the Official name is:
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
It really is a dead shark, just preserved in Formaldehyde.



4. The history Supreme Yacht – $4,005,000,000 – A boat like no other. Built with solid gold and platinum, it also includes Statues made from Dinosaur bones.


Ending thoughts***
Very poor people are considered dirt poor, and very rich are considered Filthy Rich.
I guess that just means humans are messy no matter what.

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