Think you’re complimenting someone?

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Turns out you’re not; statistically speaking anyway.


You’ve heard the pick up line: “You must be from Tennessee, because your the only ten I see.” It’s dated/seasoned and would probably work on new generation. Who knows, they do all kinds of things.


Whatever you want to call it, rating someone a ten out of ten is the same as calling them a 1. This of course according to fractions, or statistics.




Another thing!
Due to the growing 7 Billion population on Earth, being one in a million is not so special anymore. Call them One in a Billion now.

Now that’s a bit better. More so anyway, than saying your one in a seven point five billion.


Actually fun fact: The Earths population grew to one Billion around the year 1804.

Earths population was last evaluated in 2017 at a number of 7.53 Billion.



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