Throwback to 100 years ago

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With the intelligent toilet, or the self lacing shoes with buttons on them being some of this years deadliest inventions, It got me thinking about what was the invention one hundred years ago.

In fact, This year one hundred years ago, the worlds first timed pop-up toaster made waves and changed toasters forever.

It all happened when a master mechanic in Minnesota got tired of burnt toast being served in the cafeteria. He than decided to add springs and a timer to the toaster making the toaster what it is today.

Previous versions of the toaster had to be manually turned around and taken out before it was burnt.

If you think that’s a weird looking toaster get a look at other versions at that time period with

I just wonder when this baby was first thought of.  Blew my mind when I first had Toasted Bannock.

Image source[The telegraph, Timetoast,Pinterest]

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