Time Travel is possible

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Celebrate New Years, hour after hour, using time zones.

Pass an imaginary line and all of a sudden your 9 p.m turns into 8 p.m. One could argue that this is time travel.


Using this logic but blown up, I thought up the question of how many times can you legitimately pull it off?

The idea is this : Using a plane to go through time zones fast enough to celebrate new years hour after hour legitimately.

Yes it is possible, a few ways actually.

One way would to be at either the South or North Pole where the lines all connect.

Another way is in the Middle east using a car to consecutively pull of New Years 3 times. ( This because 3 time zones converge in that part of the world)

Using a civilian plane allows up to 4 times.


Sure went down a rabbit hole with that one.

Now if only I had a boat load of cash……

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