Tiny Homes: the latest trend

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$20,000. That’s all it costs to buy a home. 

Usually a house would cost anywhere from a $100,000 and up, but online retail giant Amazon is changing all that.

It’s basically the size of a small cabin, and comes in pieces with instructions on how to set up.

With a set up period of 2 to 3 days, this thing is shipped entirely free.

The inside floor totals 292 square footage.



Previously a smaller, more compact option was available but quickly sold out.

That one’s back in stock after a sell out, and costs $7500.

Not a cabin, but more of a shelter. this ones square footage puts it at 172 square feet.




currently not being offered in Canada, but if things keep going the way they have for the company. We can be sure we will have these eventually.

Visit here to see full product details for the “lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit”.

or the smaller version “allwood Solvalla Studio Cabin”


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