Todays Significance

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A lot of people romanticize going back to the past to change one thing or another; what no one really thinks about, is doing something today that will affect your future.


Doing things today that will be beneficial for you life in the long run.




– Learning Diaphragmatic breathing

The next time your around a baby; watch the way they breath. They use their stomach, now watch an adult, and you see they breath lifting their shoulders and chest.
As we grow older our bodies tend to unlearn how to breath correctly, at no point should your chest or shoulders rise during breathing. Instead its your belly area that should be the only moving parts during breathing.


-Learning to take one day off a week

Sometimes life gets so busy we never find the time to relax. A study done on people who took one day of rest during the week, report a healthier more balanced lifestyle compared to those who stayed busy every day of the week.
More hours working does not equal better work.


-Learning to manage stress with proper technique

Studies show that relaxing ten minutes a day helps the body become relaxed more easily as well as helping the body become immune to stress.
It’s recommended to do this ten minute episode away from anything that might interrupt it, and that you should focus on somewhere you would like to be, like the beach or under the sun somewhere.



-Spend time outside

Studies have proven that individuals with an abundance of Vitamin D live an average of five years longer compared to those who have lower levels.
The best way to acquire Vitamin D is with good ol fashioned sunlight. Of course be sure to use sun tan lotion however to avoid any negative effects.



-Take 30 minute day naps

Studies done show that sleeping thirty minutes a day reduces risk of heart disease by 30 percent.

All of the other stuff too, like getting enough vegetables in your diet, getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, thirty minutes of physical activity per day.







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