Unemployment Down in Manitoba

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Statistics Canada says that 2,600 more people in Manitoba were at work in November compared to October. The increased employment, combined with fewer people looking for work, has resulted in the province’s unemployment rate decreasing by 0.4 points, to 5.7%.


Year to Year Employment Increasing

Today’s job report contained more good news for Manitoba as 7,000 more people were working this November compared to 2017.
This increase is entirely due to 7,500 people finding full time work, with 500 of those jobs being transitioned away from the less-desirable part time category.


National Trend of More People at Work, Historically Low Unemployment

Manitoba isn’t the only province with a positive outlook this past month as more people were working in six of the ten provinces.
Alberta saw the largest decrease in month-to-month unemployment, down a full point from 7.3% to 6.3%.
Across the country, there were 94,100 more people working, resulting in a 5.6% unemployment rate.
Statistics Canada says this is the lowest national rate on record since they started collecting comparable data in 1976.

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