Unsolved Mysteries + Netflix

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A perfect combination


It was only just last year that Netflix announced they would be rebooting the iconic TV series, they however didn’t include a date for release.

That was just changed as the streaming giant added the first season of Unsolved Mysteries to its upcoming releases.

July 1st will roll out the first six episodes of  the rebooted series with another 6 to roll out some time after that.

On January 20th 1987,  Unsolved mysteries was released as a series of specials.
It wouldn’t be until after its seven episode run that it would be picked up and run for a total of 14 seasons.

The first two episodes in the specials would be hosted by two separate hosts. Raymond Burr being the first then Karl Malden doing the second episode.
It wasn’t until the third episode that Robert Stack graced the screens and captivated audiences. He went on to be the permanent host, for the rest of the remaining series until a year before his passing in 2003.

The program re-broadcast the series over the next few years until it was revitalized in 2008. Spike TV ran two seasons with host Dennis Farina. The new series would update old cases as well as profile new ones staying true to the nature of the series.

Still no cast announced, so we will all just have to sit back and wait to see what the new rebooted series will look like.



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