Vote for Manitoba’s worst road!

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It’s that time of the year again, and Manitoba CAA wants your opinion once again on what road you think is the worst in Manitoba.

An annual voting poll was posted today to determine which road Manitoban’s think is the worst.

The voting is based off of:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Potholes/crumbling pavement
  • Timing of traffic lights
  • Pedestrian/cycling safety
  • Poor road signs or road markings

Leading this years poll already in the first day is Saskatchewan Avenue, with last years winner following in second; Which is the infamous Empress street.
It’s kind of funny that Manitoba CAA is posted on Manitoba’s Worst street, I bet the people working there noticed that.

With an average of 6 thousand votes, an approximate 700 roads were voted on last year with Empress being number one.

In 2017, Empress came in second place beat out by Chevrier Boulevard.

To cast your vote among 39 roads visit their website.
The Polls last one month before their closed.

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