We Used to Have a Creepy 3rd Eyelid-Six fascinating human things

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Can you imagine having a 3rd eyelid that closed horizontally! Well we did.  We’re carrying around a load of evolutionary baggage. These characteristics may have been useful to us in the past, but do very little for us now.

Dorsa Amir is an evolutionary biologist, who recently posted a series of tweets about the human body and evolution. It all began with this one: “Did you know the human body is full of evolutionary leftovers that no longer serve a purpose? These are called vestigial structures and they’re fascinating.”


6 fascinating human facts:

Do you have this muscle in your wrist?


We used to move our ears


The remains of a tail


The reason for goosebumps


Baby humans used to cling to their parents like chimps do


Yes, that third lid did exist


The more you know! ****Jordan Knight xoxo

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