Weird Ice Cream!

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The latest and weirdest flavor of ice cream is here!

Heinz Ketchup Flavor is here! Thankfully, not everywhere though.

Over in Ireland, a Gelati Ice-cream shop chain has honored the Artist Ed Sheeran with the ice cream of flavor of ketchup.
Apparently Ed has a tattoo of the Heinz ketchup logo.

yes, that’s Ed’s arm…and yes you can blame him for this horrid flavor.

I’m not saying ketchup is gross, but as Ice-cream, I imagine it would be.

The flavor apparently has been around since last summer, with no signs of it going away.

Sort of reminds me of that one time, my cousin tried to put ketchup in everything, including cereal and noodles.

This to me seems a little more out there than the time they made ketchup into slices.

Yes, that is actual too.

If that doesn’t get you shaking your head, maybe this list of other weird ice cream  flavors will do.


  1. Raw horse flesh

  2. Pickled mango

  3. Corn on the cob

  4.  Fois Gras (Whatever that is)

  5. Pear with blue cheese

  6. Ghost pepper

  7. Bourbon & corn flake

  8. Fig & fresh brown turkey

  9. Lobster

  10. Creole tomato

  11. Eskimo

  12. and finally the Cheeto flavour

I said it before, I’ll say it again, Stuggats….

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