Who Has the Most Recognizable Logo?

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When you think of logos, what’s the first one that pops into your head? You probably won’t be surprised at which one is at the top of the list.

A logo brands your product, so which brands got it right. A new study looked at the most recognizable company LOGOS and guess who came in at number 1?


10. YouTube

 9. Amazon

8. Adidas

7. Facebook

6. Google

5. Starbucks

4. Nike

3. Coca-Cola

2. McDonald’s

And who’s at number 1?   You guessed it….yep, Apple!

Pepsi just missed the Top 10 at #11 . . . Disney, #13 . . . Ford, #15 . . . and Instagram, #17.

Just under a quarter of people said red is the color that makes a logo the most memorable to them. Followed by blue, green, and yellow.


Check out the original Apple logo….

Good thing they changed it, that would never have caught on!


Check out the metamorphosis of the Apple logo

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