Why Cats Are Afraid of Cucumbers

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Did you know cats were afraid of cucumbers? There are tons of videos showing cats jumping and taking off when they spot a cucumber, but are they REALLY that scared of cucumbers?

Pretty sure you must have seen one of the numerous videos with cats bolting away from a cucumber, ever wonder why they appear to be so afraid of them?


First let’s start with the video…if you haven’t seen one of these videos, here you go….


So why are cats so afraid of a harmless vegetable?  There are no definite answers, just theories.


One theory is that cats are so afraid of cucumbers, because they look like snakes.

 Well maybe not THAT snake!

That makes sense, but look at this little guy ….

and what about this one?

Another theory is that they get startled simply because they’re surprised a random object has appeared next to them, similar to how humans get scared when someone sneaks up on them.



Although scaring your furry friend might be funny, experts advise against it because it causes unnecessary stress and can be bad for their health.


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