New paint achieves the darkest dark

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  • VantaBlack as its known, was the worlds darkest paint, but a new challenger has taken the title.

Maybe you knew about this, maybe you didn’t. In any case, It really is something to marvel at.

Created back in 2014, VantaBlack absorbs 99% of visible light.

When applied; it looks like the Acme black hole from the Loonie Tunes cartoons.



This stuff is crazy! This is what it looks like when its painted on stuff:


However, This Vantablack is not available for public use, as its grown in labs and doesn’t classify as paint and is also soluble under water.

Some people in the world didn’t like this fact, so they set out to make available their own version, better than Vantablack.

After two years of development, the man behind the idea just recently announced they have succeeded in creating what they call Black 3.0, and will be using Kickstarter as a means of lift off.

Not available as of this publishing date, but is promised to be available later this year to everyone.
The initial price for a 350 Ml. bottle will be for $35.

Currently the customers who have already paid for the package are already starting to receive their products, and that everyone else will have to be put on a waiting list for the product to be available again.
you can find that right here

This is it compared to other black paints:

Here’s a video that explains it further, and shows how it holds up to a  powerful flashlight:

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